emirates printing press - RAK. U.A.E.




We print Paper Bags, Hand Bags, Business cards
Letter heads,Envelopes of all sizes, Computer Sheets
Books and magazines, Brochures and Flyers,Wedding
Cards, Invitstion Cards, Gift Items, Banners,stamps
and so much more.

 Our offer

Range of products

  • catalogues, folding cartons, booklets, calendars, magazines and books (from A5 to B4 formats)

  • flyers, posters, forms, documents, notepapers, maps (A2 format), picture postcards A6, panoramic picture postcards and folding picture-books, mailings

  • labels, stickers, visiting cards, tags, small boxes, bonded blocks, covers

  • chiselled envelopes with single and double back

  • large-area posters and billboards

Range of service

  • art design, classic photography, digital photography and print, scanning, DTP, pre-press preparation, CTF, CTP
  • offset sheet-fed print and large-area digital print
  • cutting, label extrusion, dinking, gathering, folding, bending, perforation and cutting
  • dispersive varnish, U-V varnish, matted and glossy laminate, blind-blocking, numeration and binding V1, V2 to V8

Dear business partners,

Let us introduce you our dynamic company, KODIAK print Ltd.

This rapidly developing offset printing works gives itself a good account on the graphic-arts market in the Czech Republic and abroad thanks to qualified workers, modern technology, high-quality production and efficiency.

The company was founded in 1994 with the aim to make quality graphic-arts products and at the same time ensuring complex graphic-arts service in partnership with our regular partners.

Wide offer of printing service enables our company to address high number of clients and meet their demanding needs.

The company's high work standard is an remarkable and characteristic element of its activity the proof of which is the satisfaction of increasing number of its customers.



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